Podcast of the Week: The Soundtrack Show

As a millennial living in a meme-heavy culture, sometimes it’s easier for me to express my feelings in images than it is in words. For example, when I want to describe how I feel about this week’s podcast, The Soundtrack Show, all that comes into my head is this clip of Jenny Slate from drunkContinue reading “Podcast of the Week: The Soundtrack Show”

Five Things Friday (#20)

Happy Friday and happy Groundhug Day! Happy Ground(hug) day! pic.twitter.com/Ee1FHT1EFO — PEANUTS (@Snoopy) February 2, 2018 I’m not feeling very chatty today so let’s get to the point! Five things! 1. This Patch I feel like this is what my soul looks like. 2. Book Clutches by Mrs. Chaplin on Etsy These are so far out of myContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#20)”