10 Books I Read in 2019 – Part 2

The saga continues! Here is the latter half of the ten books I’ve read in 2019 thus far. Missed the first half? Click here. 6. The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien The first time I read the Lord of the Rings series, I think I was too young to appreciate it. I was probably 11Continue reading “10 Books I Read in 2019 – Part 2”

Postmortem: Six of Crows

“Some people see a magic trick and say, “Impossible!” They clap their hands, turn over their money, and forget about it ten minutes later. Other people ask how it worked. They go home, get into bed, toss and turn, wondering how it was done. It takes them a good night’s sleep to forget all aboutContinue reading “Postmortem: Six of Crows”

Postmortem: My Name Is Leon

Leon is eight and three-quarters, and he has a new baby brother. Though Leon’s age, living arrangements, attitude, and size change throughout the book, his name and his love for his brother do not. Kit de Waal’s My Name is Leon tells the story of a young black boy in 1970’s England whose life untilContinue reading “Postmortem: My Name Is Leon”

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! Here are 5 things I’m into this week: 1. Writer to Writer by Gail Carson Levine Gail Carson Levine is one of my longest-standing favorite authors. Ella Enchanted and The Two Princesses of Bamarre are two books that I can read any time and any place and always enjoy. When this book wasContinue reading “Five Things Friday”