10 Books I Read in 2019 – Part 2

The saga continues! Here is the latter half of the ten books I’ve read in 2019 thus far. Missed the first half? Click here. 6. The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien The first time I read the Lord of the Rings series, I think I was too young to appreciate it. I was probably 11Continue reading “10 Books I Read in 2019 – Part 2”

Five Things Friday (#46 – New Year Edition)

It’s the first Five Things Friday of 2019! I haven’t been spending much time on the internet over the past couple weeks due to holidays and travel, so I didn’t compile my usual five things. Instead, I’m going to share 5 things I’d like to do or change in 2019. 1. Stop using my snoozeContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#46 – New Year Edition)”

Podcast of the Week: Bear Brook

After a brief venture into advice podcasts, I am, as the kids say, back on my bullshit and listening to true crime again. And man, oh man, is this a good one to dive back into. Bear Brook delves into the long-unsolved mystery of the Bear Brook murders. In 1985, two bodies were found decomposingContinue reading “Podcast of the Week: Bear Brook”