Invisible Friends

It is a truth universally acknowledged that making friends as an adult is hard. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to get close to someone new at this point in your life, especially if you’re like me and have had the same best friend for sixteen years. Prior to about two years ago, I was totally Sam WeirContinue reading “Invisible Friends”

Five Things Friday (#8)

Another week has come and gone! I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I’m kind of hoping to keep it low-key this weekend. Also, Halloween’s on Tuesday! What are y’all up to? I’m going to a party and I still have no idea what I’m wearing. 🙃 To continue procrastinating on that front, here’s a listContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#8)”

Five Things Friday (#6)

As you’re reading this post, I’m very likely on the road to the mountains for a blissful and rustic weekend with my sister and cousins. This week has been exhausting on every level and I can’t wait to experience some crisp air and fall foliage. This also marks the beginning of the wild rumpus… nextContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#6)”