Five Things Friday (#43)

It’s November! It’s Friday! Time is progressing and we’re going to be OK.

Starbucks dropped their holiday cups today and my cousins and I have all officially lost our minds. I’m just so ready for Christmas!!! I love it! It’s been a crazy year and I feel like I deserve a little extra sparkle and joy in my life. And so do you! So here are five things that brought me some joy this week:

1. Wild Slice Designs on Etsy

How beautiful are these nature-inspired drawings? You know I’ll buy anything with a bison on it, and those state stickers are deeply tempting. Etsy’s going to ruin my life.

2. This Spotify Playlist

I’ve been listening to this all week and realizing how formative all of this music was to me as a musician and a person. And it’s just good for driving or working or whatever.

3. All You Need Is a Wall on Tumblr

Look at these incredible gif illustrations!!! Look at them!!! So spooky and autumnal. I want all of these to be book covers, or a children’s book. I want the future to have animated book covers — can we make that happen?

4. Danica Studio




Super hygge home goods with 2-day shipping? Yes please!

5. John Mulaney and Annamarie Tendler’s Halloween costumes.

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Happy Halloween! Special thanks to Baz Luhrmann!!!

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Reader, I cried.

Hope you all had wonderful Halloweens and that your Novembers are off to a great start! See you next week!

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I am a Ventura, California native with a compulsion to create. I'm a storyteller, through writing, photography, and occasionally music. Weekends are for camping with my husband, reading, and hunting for vintage treasures, which I sell in my Etsy shop, Peace & Goodwill. My favorite things include lavender lattes, swimming in the ocean, true crime podcasts, The X-Files, and Peaky Blinders. I hope to become a full-time writer, bestselling novelist, and a continually improving reflection of God's grace. Proverbs 16:24

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