Five Things Friday (#37)

Happy Friday! Last week flew by so quickly that I completely forgot about Friday and the blog post I owed to you all — but here I am now, with another wonderful 5 things! 1. The DM Collection I absolutely love these fantastic renditions of basic bugs and animals. They are so pretty and delicateContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#37)”

Five Things Friday (#36)

Happy happy Friday! Last week was party week and this week was recovery and productivity, but it was still good. I swam a lot, in both the ocean and the pool, which has me feeling pretty good in both body and soul. The only thing is that I haven’t been writing¬†at all and it’s bummingContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#36)”

Five Things Friday (#35)

It’s Friday! I hope you all had wonderful weeks, and great holidays if you celebrate 4th of July. We had a barbecue with a bunch of friends and family, and it was a wonderful day. I also have family visiting from Washington this week and it’s been a fun week with very little sleep, butContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#35)”