Five Things Friday (#24)

It’s Friday again! Can I level with you guys? This week hasn’t been the greatest. I am struggling with contentment, which is funny because I’m reading a book called Learning Contentment for a women’s study we’re doing at church. I’ve only read chapter one. Maybe that’s my problem. Regardless, Five Things Friday is all about identifying even just a few things that bring joy even in the midst of grouchiness and discontent. Here are this week’s:

1. The 2018 Hater’s Guide to the Oscars


I haven’t actually watched the Oscars in years due to a lack of cable and patience. I tend to catch up in gif form on Tumblr. But friends, this made me laugh out loud on multiple counts. NSFW language and content ahead. In particular, this quote about Dunkirk (which I loved) made me cackle with glee.

And this movie is even better than Darkest Hour because, in Dunkirk, you can’t even tell which British dudes are which! Who’s that one kid who just drowned? Was that the One Direction kid? No wait! I think he’s still alive. He was the one who found a dead body to carry so that he and [unidentifiable other British guy] could get a ride back to England. Or was he? I can’t keep track of any of these limeys. One was wearing a sweater. I think they were all named Nigel. Why did they cast this movie like they were making a Starsailor video? They didn’t even give Tom Hardy a name in this fucking movie. Here we have one of the most technically brilliant war movies ever made, and they forgot to write a fucking screenplay for it.

2. The Commuter Briefcase from Topo Designs


If you follow me on Instagram (which you should) you’ll know that I’m obsessed with my new bag from Topo Designs. I bought it for my daily bus commute but also in the hopes that it would be good for my Ireland trip in April and it is perfect on all counts. It’s sturdy but not bulky, has a neon interior and plenty of pockets, and converts into a backpack. Plus, it’s made in the USA. Now try holding me back from buying everything else on Topo’s site.

3. Natelle Draws Stuff


Here’s a pic from my Snapchat of my new pin from Natelle Draws Stuff on my new Topo bag. Isn’t he sweet? Natelle has a ton of cute and covetable goods on her site.

She has wonderful customer service and was very sweet when we interacted on Instagram. So, in the interest of supporting independent artists who are also nice people, check out her site.

4. The Tenth Anniversary of In the Heights.


It’s the tenth anniversary of one of my very favorite musicals! It might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually might like Heights better than Hamilton. They’re different experiences but on any given day I’d rather listen to Heights all the way through, and I like its female characters better than Hamilton‘s. Also, they’ve just announced that Anthony Ramos (whose debut role on Broadway was Laurens/Philip in Hamilton’s original cast) is now playing Usnavi in ITH in Washington, D.C. and I uhhhh have a lot of emotions about it.

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to In the Heights, treat yo’ self. Blackout is one of the best songs from any musical ever. Thanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

5. This video

Marshall posted this on my Facebook the other day when I told him I was having a not-so-good day and it’s just… perfect. Let’s head into the weekend with this stuck in our heads.


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