Five Things Friday (#22)

Friday is finally here! I swear I’ve been thinking it was Friday since Wednesday. I’ve got no big plans this weekend, hopefully just getting in some writing time. Inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday and I’ve finally picked up the ATFS sequel again! Looking over it yesterday reminded me how excited I amContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#22)”

Breeding Violence

I am also not saying that men as a group are oppressed or underprivileged. Here’s what I am saying: We as a country are failing our men. By allowing them to act out in violence without consequence, by saying “boys will be boys,” by maintaining a culture that lets them believe they are entitled to a certain amount of success, we are failing them. By expecting them to adhere to a standard of manliness that doesn’t allow for open expression of weakness, emotion, or affection, we are failing them. By encouraging them to look up to men who are violent and emotionless. What else could result from this but disappointment, frustration, and anger?

Five Things Friday (#20)

Happy Friday and happy Groundhug Day! Happy Ground(hug) day! — PEANUTS (@Snoopy) February 2, 2018 I’m not feeling very chatty today so let’s get to the point! Five things! 1. This Patch I feel like this is what my soul looks like. 2. Book Clutches by Mrs. Chaplin on Etsy These are so far out of myContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#20)”