Palettes and Playlists: February Feeling

I’m trying something new as a challenge for myself. Every once in a while (maybe monthly) I’ll choose a theme (February 2018) and assign it a color palette, moodboard, and playlist. No restrictions, no guidelines, just the challenge of finding things that “go together” for whatever reason — aesthetically, audibly, emotionally. This is February.  

Postmortem: Gone with the Wind

Margaret Mitchell managed the rarest of feats: she made us root for an utterly unlikeable character — a female character at that. Throughout Gone with the Wind Scarlett struggles with the fact that she lacks many of the traits most desired in women of her time: humility, docility, and gentleness of spirit.  Though we pride ourselves today on embracing “strong female leads”, even the most independent of female heroines are usually still kind at heart, reaching toward the greater good, kind to children and animals, and ultimately feminine. Scarlett is cutthroat, grasping, and selfish, and worst of all, unapologetic, but you still find yourself wanting her to succeed. 

Five Things Friday (#19)

Friday, sweet Friday. This is the first weekend in January I’m not speeding out of town right after work and honestly, I don’t know what to do with myself! I’m kind of looking forward to a low-key weekend. My mom, sister and I are finally going to see Lady Bird tomorrow morning, but the rest ofContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#19)”

Postmortem: My Name Is Leon

Leon is eight and three-quarters, and he has a new baby brother. Though Leon’s age, living arrangements, attitude, and size change throughout the book, his name and his love for his brother do not. Kit de Waal’s My Name is Leon tells the story of a young black boy in 1970’s England whose life untilContinue reading “Postmortem: My Name Is Leon”

Five Things Friday (#16)

Happy Friday! I’m off to Nevada this weekend for a two-day shooting course. In the meantime, here are five things that hit the target for me! 1. Matriarch Handmade   I’ve followed Autumn on Instagram for ages. Her minimalist home decor and adorable family are total goals, and her products are so cute. The “Bitch,Continue reading “Five Things Friday (#16)”